I have had an interesting career.  It has spanned all facets of HR, and currently have been carving out a growing niche that brings together HR, social media, marketing and business.  In 2012 I founded SocialHRCamp, a growing interactive learning platform for the HR Community to learn how to use social media and integrate into HR business practices.  The Camp has been a great creative outlet for me to give back to the HR community.  I also work with HR software companies on content marketing strategy, business development and product development, and with corporate HR teams on how to strategically integrate social media and emerging HR technology into HR strategy.

Interesting Career Highlights

Organizations I Have Worked With

I have had the fortunate to opportunity to have worked with an extremely diverse group of organizations of all sizes, and spanning across many different industries. From start-ups to multi-national corporations I have been challenged, and have learned so much during the course of my unique career. 

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