Showcasing Truly Diverse & Inclusive Organizations

I recently published 3 blog posts about my take on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I pointed out the current state, the connection between diversity and inclusion and employee engagement, our definition of what diversity is needs to be broader and workplace inclusion is where the rubber hits the road. What does it matter that your organization is diverse when you are not supporting and including your employees in all aspects of work?

Since these posts the chatter within the business community has continued at a fierce pace. The inaugural Elevate Toronto Festival, which finishes today, dedicated their first day to diversity and inclusion within the Toronto tech community. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the festival but I did my best to follow along the social stream. World renowned recruitment software company, Lever, will be hosting the Talent Innovation Summit next week in California where a main focus will be on diversity and inclusion. These are just 2 examples that come to mind but I am proud that organizations are leading the way from a D & I perspective.

Shifting gears slightly, I was approached a couple of months ago by long-time network contact Jordan Monaghan of Angle Media Group. Jordan and I have teamed up on a couple of occasions in the past to produce video content for various projects, notably SocialHRCamp. Feel free to take have a look at the SocialHRCamp feature video, and the recap video from SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014. The reason why he approached me is because of a new initiative that he started called Diversity Factor. The timing of this project could not have been more perfect. Diversity and inclusion is top of mind for the majority of people within the global business community, and it’s an opportunity for me to help Jordan showcase organizations who are leading the way with highly diverse and inclusive workplaces.

What is Diversity Factor?

Diversity Factor is looking to answer why your employees love working for your organization, specifically as it relates to diversity and inclusion. We know that organizations are more successful when they are truly diverse and inclusive. What is your organization doing that enables your success, individually and collectively as an organization? We want to answer this question and showcase those organizations that are leaders in building diverse and inclusive workplaces. Diversity Factor aims to tell your employee stories using various forms of highly interactive and engaging digital media forms — video, photography and creative content. 

Why I Care?

Aside from what I said above about diversity and inclusion being top of mind within the business community, I have done a lot of work during my career on diversity and inclusion. I also have a severe hearing disability, and I know exactly what it feels like to be marginalized, and to help organizations manage diversity and foster inclusion. Finally, 2017 has not exactly been a banner year for me professionally. As an optimist you could say that 2017 was a fantastic learning experience for me. I recently decided that I want to focus even more of my energy on working with people, organizations and initiatives that are focused on doing good. I know I already do a number of things that give back and add value; SocialHRCamp, DisruptHR Toronto, pro bono speaking engagements and career development coaching, and the list goes on. But I can do more, and I want to do more. Diversity Factor will allow me to do more, and I’m really excited about this project.

We’ve already generated a lot of interest in the couple of weeks since we started, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum. Feel free to have a look at the short deck below about what the project is all about. Reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

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