My career has spanned 20 years and has taken me through all facets of HR, with unique expertise in HR leadership, HR and business strategy, HR technology and employee engagement. Through my work, I have successfully carved out a growing niche that brings together HR, social and emerging technologies, marketing and business. In 2012 I founded SocialHRCamp, a growing learning platform for the HR Community to learn how to use and integrate social and emerging technologies into HR business practices.  In addition, I have worked with and advised dozens of SMB HR/Recruitment technology companies on product development, customer and user adoption, business development strategies and brand awareness. My deep understanding and expertise in understanding how HR technology plays a pivotal role in helping HR teams achieve their HR strategies have positioned me perfectly to help HR technology companies build the most effective platforms possible.

My Career Focus

I currently work with growing SMB companies on a fractional, project and a part-time basis on the following areas:

  1. HR Strategy
  2. Employee Engagement and Retention
  3. HR Technology – “tech stack” creation and implementation
  4. Change Management – incl. training
  5. Organizational Design
  6. Recruiting and Onboarding
  7. Compensation and Benefits
  8. Leadership Coaching and Advisory
  9. Agile Performance Management – employee relations
  10. Employment Legislation – policy and procedure development
  11. Career Pathing and Development
  12. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  13. Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizations I Have Worked With

I have had the fortunate opportunity to have worked with an extremely diverse group of organizations of all sizes and spanning across many different industries. From start-ups to multi-national corporations I have been challenged, and have learned so much during the course of my diverse career. 

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