I am not your traditional HR practitioner. I purposely did not move up through the ranks of the HR food chain like 99% of my fellow HR peers did. I love technology, notably emerging HR technology and social media, and its impact and influence on HR strategy. I guess you can say that it has been my unofficial career mission to play a lead role in bringing technology and HR together to generate business outcomes never seen before, or even imagined.

The cool part about being immersed in the HR tech space is having the opportunity to meet with so many emerging North American HR/Recruitment software companies that are doing incredible things to help solve common HR and Recruitment challenges. I could probably write a book on this very subject. By the way, when I talk about HR tech I am not referring to the giant software companies — I am talking about start-ups and small to mid sized software companies that may be at most 5-7 years old. They excite me and possess the high degree of creativity, courage, business intelligence, open-mindedness and flexibility that I resonate with. They’re disruptive.

I have been fortunate to have worked with, advised, supported, promoted and met some amazing SMB HR and Recruitment technology companies during my career. Whether it’s through SocialHRCamp, DisruptHR Toronto, the annual HR Tech Conference in Vegas, Annual SHRM Conference, or any of the other cool initiatives going on in the industry, I will be deeply connected to this industry. 

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