SocialHRCampFounded in 2012 SocialHRCamp started as an experiment that aimed to accelerate social media and emerging HR technology adoption in Human Resources. We already know that the value technology offers HR is infinite yet the industry lags behind in adoption. SocialHRCamp aims to solve this problem by bringing together HR and Recruitment practitioners, emerging software companies and industry thought-leaders to learn “how to” use social media and emerging HR technology in the workplace.

The concept of SocialHRCamp is to deliver a highly experiential and hands-on learning platform so attendees can actually implement ideas, strategies and tactics in their workplaces immediately. To date, Camps have been run in Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Omaha and Boston, including a few smaller-scale events in Singapore and Manila.

The platform will continue to evolve as it strives to push the HR Community towards fully adopting social technology. Disruptive you might say? Absolutely. Ambitious? Of course. Is this approach the right one? Well, if people are not pushed outside of their comfort zone, how will they change?

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2012 Camps

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2012 SocialHRCamp Toronto 2012 SocialHRCamp San Francisco 2012 SocialHRCamp Boston 2012







2013 Camps

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2013 SocialHRCamp TO 2013 SocialHRCamp San Francisco 2013


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