Disruptive Recruitment… I’m Serious, We’re on a Game Changing Mission!

In less than 2 weeks the premier Recruitment Interaction event of the year will be taking place in Park City, Utah. According to the event organizers, “attendees will learn best practices and transformative ways they can achieve best-in-class talent acquisition, be inspired by disruptive recruiting leaders and make new positive disruptive connections”. This event is none other than HireVue’s first-ever user conference called, “Digital Disruption(#vueDD on Twitter).

HireVue Digital Disruption User Conference

Many people in my network know that I am a bit of a critic of conferences in general. There’s too many of them, they’re expensive and often lack the level of hands-on learning that I personally like. This is one of the reasons why I founded SocialHRCamp. Of course I attend conferences, primarily as a networking platform, but I haven’t been more excited about a major industry event than I am about Digital Disruption.

Not only will Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s be keynoting at the event (people know I’m a huge sports guy), the sessions will all be delivered with the intent to inspire, educate, teach, engage and of course, disrupt. Of course the word “disrupt” is now an overused industry buzzword, but in this case it’s the perfect word to describe what this event is all about. Speakers come from such a diverse group of organizations including Hilton, Boston Red Sox, Aon Hewitt, Accenture, GE, Texas Instruments, Intel, Nexen Energy, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Takeda and many more.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Billy Beane, he basically went against all conventional baseball wisdom and built his own philosophy about evaluating baseball talent. While teams were doling out hundreds of millions of dollars HireVue Digital Disruption User Conferenceannually on player salaries Beane took a highly analytical approach to evaluating talent, which he calls “Moneyball”. Not only do the Oakland A’s have one of the lowest team payrolls (27th out of 30 teams) they are currently the best team in the MLB with a record of 30-16. To put this into perspective, their annual payroll is just shy of $75 million, and the top 2 payrolls go to the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees at $238 million and $209 million respectively. If there is anyone on the face of this earth to talk about being disruptive, it’s Billy Beane.

We all know that HireVue is leading the way in the digital recruiting space, and will continue to do so at it forges ahead with its aggressive product development, customer experience and marketing strategies. Mobile + employment experience is the future of Recruiting, which is NOW and HireVue is well-positioned to continue its exponential growth and success. What I love about HireVue is they do not hold back one bit from continuing to innovate, create and deliver leading-edge recruitment solutions. Check out the video below to see what the platform is all about.

I realize it’s only a couple of weeks away but if there is any potential chance you can get down to Utah for June 1-3 it’ll be one of the best investments you will ever make.

HireVue Digital Disruption


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