It’s Time to Disrupt at HireVue’s First User Conference – #vueDD

People in my network know that I’m a huge fan of user conferences, unconferences and any type of event that focuses on the “how to”. Simply put, time invested in attending events that do this will realize higher return. Now that we have 24-7 access to online information, including being bombarded directly by content, the impact of the traditional conference is declining. Of course conferences will always be fantastic venues for networking but can you afford to regularly spend 3 days away from your work to attend a conference to simply network? I didn’t think so. Suggestion? Befriend Google.  🙂

On the eve of HireVue‘s first-ever user conference called “Digital Disruption” taking place in Park City, Utah it’s appropriate for me to re-iterate the importance of user conferences, and specifically what #vueDD is aiming to achieve.

If you have not already done so, take a few minutes and check out the agenda for the event. What you’ll see is an intelligent blend of industry thought-leaders, existing HireVue customers and what I would call celebrity-like talent. As a sports guy this is very true with the presence of Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A’s Major League Baseball team, and Michael Danubio, HR Director of the Boston Red Sox.  But what’s most impressive is the diversity and variety of speakers from many of HireVue’s existing customers, which I believe is the essence of a user conference.

HireVue Digital Disruption #vueDD

Here’s why

Adopting new technology is never easy for organizations and their employees. It represents change and we all know how people naturally deal with change. Further, the collective success of how organizations adopt new technology plays a large role in defining the overall experience of a suite of products for a given tech company — e.g. HireVue. HireVue wants its customer to realize huge success in using its products, and this user conference is a fantastic way to enable this. Just take a look at the client organizations who will be leading a session at the event and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In the new era of selling, specifically social selling (note: check out Daniel Pink), the model of successful sales has changed. Cold calling? Why bother!!?? Using email blasts as your main sales tactic? If you like having your email end up in spam and junk boxes, continue on. The new model is based on 3 connected pillars: social networks, education and engagement. Digital Disruption will hit all 3 pillars with flying colours.

Stay close to the #vueDD hashtag — my suggestion is to go to, which will aggregate social media activity generated on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Vine and It’ll provide rich content that is far more interesting than trying to follow a Twitter feed.

Personally, I am excited about participating in this event to see how HireVue educates, engages and socializes on social networks. At the end of the day, the existing users and prospects will ultimately decide if investing their time in #vueDD is worthwhile. I bet they will say it will be. Hey, just ask the awesome D.J. last night at the opening reception — uber fast hands!

HireVue Digital Disruption vueDD

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