The Point of Tech is to Solve Problems

The title says it all, doesn’t it? I think we tend to forget the fact that using a new tool is supposed to help alleviate something, solve a problem, make a process better, and so forth. As an avid user of tech, both personally and professionally, this is always… and I mean ALWAYS top of mind. We have all had the experience where we come across a new phone app and ask ourselves, “what the hell is this for”, or “why on earth would anyone devote time to build this thing”? If you say, “no” then you’ve been living under a rock.

One of the key drivers of tech adoption is that the new tech solves a problem. The problem can be anything, and by using and adopting the new technology you become more effective at what you do, more efficient, etc… If this is not the case, simply don’t use it. It’s really very simple actually.

Let’s take a look at the HR/Recruiting world, one that I know very well. HR Tech has continued to be one of the fastest growing tech segments globally during the past 5+ years. And rightfully so given how rapidly the world of work is changing. Niche platforms have been popping up faster than you can blink an eye, and we’re getting overloaded with cool new tools, just because. Spend a couple of minutes and do a rough count of how many tech tools/apps you currently use in your work. How many did you count? 20? 30? 40? More? Then ask yourself how many of these tools actually solve a problem that you have on a regular basis at work? If you say, “all”, you’re blowing smoke.

For the record I love shiny new tools and I love trying them out to see what they can do. Just as fast as I play with them, I also dump them. If I can easily answer the “does this tool solve a problem” question then it’s gone. Vanished, deleted, trashed, forgotten and abandoned. What happens when something new comes along and raises an eyebrow? Hmmmm… I never thought of that idea, and boy I love the concept of it. Enter a new Toronto-based HR tech company called Vacation Fund.

What Does Vacation do Exactly?

Of course you’ll have to go to but at its core, think of it like an RRSP matching platform for vacation travel. As humans we suck at saving money, and taking our vacation as its intended for. You know, remove yourself completely from work, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed and energized. How many of you actually take your full allotment of vacation every year? As organizations we suck at managing the vacation overflow problem, and we’re looking for more ways to enhance our employee value proposition so that we can attract, engage and retain top talent. Enter Vacation Fund because the idea is brilliant, and I have not been this excited about a new HR tech platform in a very VERY long time. Sure all the talk is about blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and big data, but Vacation Fund helps solve fundamental problems that employees and employers face every single day. Remember the title of this post? Yeah that…

As a huge advocate of HR/Recruitment practitioners committing time each week to demo new tools, keep asking yourself how these tools solve problems that you’re dealing with. Your answer will influence your adoption, and how much these tools are worth to you.

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