Finding Canada’s Next HR Tech Start-Up Superstar

The HR tech space is one of the fastest growing within the broader technology sector globally. I’ve witnessed this first-hand as I’ve been heavily involved in the HR tech community in North American since 2008/09, as an investor, advisor and evangelist. Aside from the fact that I’ve demo’d hundreds upon hundreds of new platforms and tools, there are so many out there that I’ve never heard of. One of the exciting things about this industry is the recent rapid growth within Canada. Sure the Canadian business community is a tad smaller than its neighbour to the south, but it’s a pretty awesome one. We’re kicking more behinds now that both the volume and quality of start-up HR tech firms is increasing.

A cool initiative that I’ll be taking part in is the HR Tech Den, at the HR Tech Summit 2018 in Toronto. The 2-day conference is taking place on June 26th and 27th at the Toronto Congress Centre. I spoke last year at the inaugural HR Tech Summit Toronto, and this year I’ll be participating as a judge for the HR Tech Den, which I’m absolutely ecstatic about.

The purpose of the competition is for the selected 8 finalists to pitch for the chance to win a $20k marketing campaign in HRD Magazine and HRM Online. This competition is open to new products, new product ideas or new cutting edge HR solutions already available to the market. Not only will pitches be seen live by conference attendees, they will be streamed live to thousands of investors and philanthropists worldwide. The application deadline is May 30, 2018, and I would highly suggest that those who have not yet submitted an application for consideration to do so asap. Simply click here and submit the short application form.

I am really excited about this competition. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to learn about new platforms and tools that are disrupting the HR tech marketplace. It’s a fantastic time to be in the Canadian tech space — greater influx of investment, talent and exposure.

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