Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get It Done!

It’s a little weird that I haven’t posted on my blog in 6 months. This is the longest I have gone without posting since I started blogging in early 2009. Well… it’s a new year and I’ve got my mojo back, and hope you enjoy this one.

The Constant “World of Work’ Conversation

Demand for skills are constantly changing. We are experiencing massive skill and talent shortages in the tech-related sectors — e.g. machine learning, data science, data analytics, software development, etc… We are spending less time physically in an office that requires commute. Work tools are becoming smarter, more integrated, faster and work better. We are constantly learning new skills – we have to do this to remain competitive and relevant.

In my world as an HR leader there is one thing that drives me nuts. That is the idea that the more senior you go in your career the less you “hands-on” work you do. You have paid your dues so you only focus on strategy – the high-level thinking process where the whiteboard becomes your best friend. You get really good at talking, idealizing, persuading and presenting, but when you get asked to roll up your sleeves and execute…. OH NO NO NO… I don’t do that anymore.

Guess what? To stay relevant and at the top of your competition you better start learning how to roll up your sleeves and get shit done. Moreover, you better check your ego at the door and get rid of your mindset that you’re too senior, or too above, to do that anymore. Organizations are moving faster than ever, and HR better be right there, and should even be leading the race.

HR is about innovating, creating, reacting quickly, employing agile principles, strategizing, and most importantly, executing. If all you do is strategize I would strongly suggest you take a hard look in the mirror and think about making some changes. If not, you’ll get left behind the others who have the ability to strategize and roll up their sleeves and execute.

This is why I love working with smaller companies, specifically in tech. They’re nimble, cost conscious, focused on results, always seeking to scale and streamline, improve performance, and all of the things that make work interesting. These organizations allow me to be impactful across all business functions, and touch every single employee from the intern to CEO. It challenges, inspires and motivates me. There is nothing more satisfying knowing that your work and effort has made a positive impact on the business you serve.

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