My 1st-Ever #BlogTalkRadio Experience w/ Rayanne Thorn of FreshStart Radio

This has been a very nerve-racking month for me. For starters I ticked off my life-long list of sharing my personal story of my hearing disability and speech impediment with a public HR audience at the 2014 Louisiana SHRM Conference on Human Resources (see my presentation here), and today I did my first-ever #BlogTalkRadio show with the magnificent Rayanne Thorn of FreshStart Brands.  Feel free to listen in on the on-demand show (see below).

New Motivation Podcasts with FreshStart Radio on BlogTalkRadio

For those that don’t know who Rayanne Thorn is, where do I start? I have had the fortunate opportunity to have met so many fantastic people during the course of the past few years since I started getting involved with the HR/Recruitment Blogging Community in North America, and Rayanne has been one of my favourites. She’s humble, respectful and a pleasure to be around. From a career-perspective she is currently VP, Product Marketing & Strategy of Technomedia, which happens to be headquartered in the greatest country in the world, Canada! She has also played a huge role in Top Recruiter, Reality TV Show, which is about to enter its 3rd season and generating more and more attention with each passing day. Finally, she has participated in both San Francisco SocialHRCamp’s (2012 and 2013), which I am truly grateful for. Note: see her in action in the image below with Cole Fox at SocialHRCamp San Francisco 2013.

FreshStart Radio Show

The point of the FreshStart Radio Show is to explore inspiring stories and experiences of people from all walks of life — careers, life choices, health, wellness and innovation. Rayanne invited me to participate and talk about my hearing disability and how it has played a role in both my personal and professional life. She asked some very pointed questions, and of course in true Jeff fashion I didn’t shy away from answering them. No stone was left unturned, and I liked that. We talked for just over an hour and it flew by — it was an incredible first-time #BlogTalkRadio experience, and now I can accurately say that I’ve been on a radio show. Tick on that one.

Thanks again Rayanne for having me on your show, I truly enjoyed it!  🙂

Rayanne Thorn and Cole Fox at SocialHRCamp 2013 San Francisco

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