Do the Right Thing… Lend a Helping Hand!

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes life can be absolutely awesome, and other times, the complete opposite. Life is kind of like a curve ball. You just never know where the journey of life may take you, for awesome and not so awesome. During the awesome times, it’s important to be able to share with other people. When times are not so awesome, it’s important to lean on those you trust for support and help.

I recently learned that fellow HR and Recruitment network peer, Marianthe Verver-Polykalas was recently diagnosed with a very rare, and very aggressive breast cancer (IBC) as well as HER2+. Only 1-5% breast cancer cases are IBC, and this treatment includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I learned that this type of cancer treatment can cost between $100,000 – $300,000 US, or more depending on the specific circumstances. I also learned that Marianthe, who is self-employed, does not have medical insurance. All of this means that she will be on the hook for the full cost of her cancer treatment. I simply cannot comprehend this. Simply put, she needs our help.

Her good friend, Carrie Corbin, started a campaign on Tilt to help raise money for Marianthe, and to date, the campaign has raised over $10,000. Click here to view the campaign, and how you can contribute. While this is fantastic, this amount is only a fraction of what she will need.

I have raised my hand to help. I will be organizing a SocialHRCamp in Dallas, likely to take place in late August (details coming soon). All profits will be donated to Marianthe to help her beat cancer. I know that it won’t be enough to cover her full medical expenses, but she needs my help, and I have the means to help. It’s the least I can do. I will say this… for those HR and Recruitment practitioners living in the Dallas area, I hope you will be able to join us for a day of learning, and to support Marianthe. I will also be calling on HR and Recruitment technology companies to support the event and cause.

I cannot imagine what Marianthe is facing, and I never will. However, I have faced adversity in my own life, and I was fortunate to have had the support of many people around me. As my friend Carolyn Van would say, “I hope she kicks cancer’s ass”! Now do your part… raise your hand and help one of our industry peers. Do the right thing.

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