Why Should You Really Care About Technology?

In the world of HR and Recruiting, technology is a mandatory component of its value proposition. HR/Recruitment technology represents one of the fastest growing segments tech globally. Personally, I’m not surprised because the users of tech are people, and people make up organizations. While growth has been off-the-charts we need to remind ourselves why technology matters. Sure the user experience matters, mobile matters, awesome branding matters, data matters and everything else you can think of, matters. Take a moment to think and jot down your ideas on what using technology is really about.

And the verdict is… ?

Technology adoption is about improving business success. That’s the core reason why technology exists. It makes our working world more efficient and effective, and enables each employee within any organization to broaden and heighten their ability to add value.

This week I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Ultimate Software’s Connections 2017 user conference in Las Vegas. Aside from the fact that I truly enjoyed participating as part of the “influencer team” I really enjoyed meeting with one of Ultimate’s top customers, Staatsburg-based Anderson Center for Autism. Their Director of Information Technologies, Gregg Paulk (check out his feature video below) sat down with us to talk about how using Ultimate Software’s UltiPro software suite has enabled their organization to solve core business challenges. Feel free to read the cast study describing the impact here.

my Key Take-Away

As a not-for-profit organization they are challenged to attract and retain top talent. As with any organization like these that are funded by government they are constrained financially, and even legislatively. Regardless, they needed to find ways to better engage and retain top talent while being proactive and focusing on offering a truly awesome employee experience. They were able to achieve significant reduction in the use of paper (95% in fact, which is staggering), and by implementing UltiPro’s predictive analytics tools they were able to be proactive in building leadership capabilities of managers and proactively identify which of their top performers were at risk of leaving the organization. These invaluable insights allowed them to engage top talent in a meaningful way to retain them.

You can slice and dice technology in a million different ways, and while some technology is better than others, include more features, have different UI/UX, the constant remains that technology is meant to act as a core driver of success. Nothing more and nothing less. What has transpired at the Anderson Center for Autism is a phenomenal case study of just that. It doesn’t have to be UltiPro, but the point here is that the solution and what it provides is a match made in heaven for this organization, and allowed them to improve their business results.

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  • Short but sweet article, Jeff. Obviously I’m bit biased coming from collage.co, but I think it’s so important for companies to actually *want* to adopt new technologies because they see and understand the benefits for themselves. It’s not just about being trendy or feeling forced to do it because management said so…as you say, “Technology adoption is about improving business success.” Period.

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